After a  long-standing experience of collaboration with the major specialized fiscal and legal magazines and newspapers, the Ferrajoli Law Firm now offers to its clients direct on-line services aimed at providing ADVICE and answering specific QUERIES.  Hereafter are the general terms and conditions which apply to this service and the instructions on how to use it.


1. On-line consulting services are provided respecting the highest criteria in terms of professionalism and timeliness and following the provisions laid down in art. 17 of the Lawyers’ rules of professional conduct. The full text of the above-mentioned code of conduct – which the firm is committed to abide by – can be found in a specific section at The person in charge of this activity is the firm’s owner, lawyer Luigi Ferrajoli, registered on the Roll of lawyers of Bergamo, n. 609, professional liability insurance at Assitalia, policy n. 276-00152188, including on-line services, limit of indemnity € 1,032,913.00.

2. On-line services are provided after payment of a fee. Considerations for our-of-court activities are set in the professional fee fixed, in agreement with the National Lawyers’ Council, by the latest ministerial decree, n. 585 dated 5th October 1994. The amount of the fee for out-of-court activities can be established with a margin of discretion depending on the value of the controversy, the complexity of the issues raised and on the urgency. The fee is indicated in a specific section within the website

3. The firm reserves the right to accept requests after verifying that they are serious and well-founded and to contact clients to ask for explanations and request in advance any document which is deemed necessary and essential to identify a solution to the problem raised. A communication will be sent via mail or fax by the professional to the client within three days of reception of the documents related to the consulting request, which the client shall lodge by filling in the dedicated form which can be found on the above-mentioned website (request form48 Kb). The communication contains a cost estimate in line with the above-mentioned fee, which will be applied according to the urgency requested by the client.

4. The client commits himself/herself to send to the Ferrajoli law firm all the documents and information necessary for analysing the case and drafting the advice on the day in which the advice request is sent, by filling in the request form in all its parts.

5. After examining the cost estimate, in order to accept it, the client shall send a confirmation to the firm by filling in, signing and stamping the dedicated form (acceptance form 69 Kb) and attaching a copy of the advanced payment done by means of a bank transfer on the bank account which will be provided by the secretary of the firm to the client upon request via phone call or email.

6. If the client does not provide any form of confirmation following the above-mentioned arrangements, the Ferrajoli firm has the right to destroy the documents received together with the consulting request, as the agreement is not considered concluded.

7. The Ferrajoli law firm commits itself to provide the client with an advice by the non peremptory time limit of 7 working days from the date of the advanced payment (with the exception of the cases in which the need arises to meet with the client or obtain additional documents) or by the shorter limit of 3 days for urgent requests, provided the client has ticked the dedicated box. The firm shall offer no compensation to the client for delays not exceeding 7 working days of the above-mentioned deadline. After this time limit, the client is only entitled to a refund of the sum paid in advance as a form of all-in compensation, thus abandoning all claims towards the firm.

8. Legal advice requests and answers are covered by professional secrecy. Furthermore, when abiding by the obligations undertaken with this on-line service, the Ferrajoli firm commits itself to keeping all the acquired information confidential (personal details, client’s activities), as laid down in law n. 675/1996 and subsequent amendments and/or integrations (legislative decree n. 467/2001) on the protection of personal data and in the Presidential decree n. 318/1999 on minimum security rules. Moreover, the Ferrajoli firm commits itself to guaranteeing that its collaborators also keep the above-mentioned information confidential, especially as concerns personal data which are to be protected by law.

9. For any controversy concerning the interpretation, implementation and validity of this contract, the only competent court is the Court of Bergamo.