The firm often works in synergy with other national and international firms.

Lawyer Luigi Ferrajoli is a partner of the Centre for Criminal Tax Law - – an association of scholars which aims at studying intertwined fiscal and community issues within the EU Member States by comparing and contrasting the legislations of these countries, in order to pursue an increased harmonization.





The firm was a member of the network “A-I - Avvocati & Associati in Italia", an association gathering renowned legal firms based in the main Italian cities and guaranteeing a coordinated management of mutual service addresses in order to provide a far-reaching assistance all over Italy to companies with several seats (banks, insurance companies, retailing industries) and to foreign law firms. Lawyer Luigi Ferrajoli was a member of the A-I Council up to December 2016.





Lawyer Luigi Ferrajoli is the local contact point at the Il Trust in Italia Association based in Bergamo - , which aims at the study, the research and the disclosure, also by means of publications, of issues concerning trust in Italy. Its aim is the comparative, substantial and fiscal investigation about foreign law in the field of trust; the preparation of patterns of constituent acts relating trust and individual clauses; the discussion and the deepening of practical individual applications with the members and the public office; the study and the disclosure of the trustee contract of confidence; the development of rules of conduct for Italian trustees. 





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